Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Die! Die! My Darling! (1965)

Directed by Silvio Narizzano. In her last screen role, Tallulah Bankhead plays Mrs. Trefoile, who is grieving the death of her son. It seems that before dying the guy had planned to marry Pat (Stefanie Powers), though it's not clear if that was a contributing factor to the heart attack that killed him.

Well apparently Pat bounces back from these things more easily than Mrs. Trefoile because the flick opens with her getting ready to marry some other guy and deciding to stop over at the old lady's house, you know, just to say hello, as long as she's in town. And here's what a bitch Mrs. Trefoile is: she doesn't even know that with the body still warm Pat's already marrying somebody else, and she still kidnaps her! She's just nuts! But now we've got a movie!

This movie was also distributed as "Fanatic," which is a much more Hitchcock-like title and this movie is often likened to "Psycho," but let's not go crazy, pardon the pun. I actually don't know much Hitchcock compared to many people but the setting, the cartoonish characters, and the dialogue don't strike me as much like Hitchcock. Just because a nut locks up a hot skinny chick and there's a lot of sexual subtext doesn't make it like Hitchcock, does it? Or maybe it does.

Look for a young Donald Sutherland as an imbecilic farmhand. You won't have to look hard; he over-acts the daylights out of the role.

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