Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fanboys (2008)

Directed by Kyle Newman. I would like to know the story behind why the release of this film got delayed over and over because that's usually the mark of a serious stinker, and while this is hardly a classic of any kind, it's certainly not a stinker and is in fact, very much my kind of movie. I love a teen comedy, especially one with a road trip plot, a good heart and good actors, and "Fanboys" has all of that.

Some time ago I wrote about "Sex Drive" and this is as good as that. The only thing that might have made me not like "Fanboys" is that its plot is about a group of "Star Wars" fans and the plot is full of sly winks and obscure references to "Star Wars" movies and fans and that sort of stuff is lost on me. I'm also conflicted on whether it detracts from the film or if it's not the filmmaker's fault that this important, fun part of the film is lost on me so I should just shut up. I'm willing to give the benefit of doubt and say nothing more about that.

"Fanboys" has a nice premise. The story takes place a few months prior to the release of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace." A group of charming but geeky, 20-something, life-long "Star Wars" pals plan and execute a sort of "Make a Wish" mission on behalf of one of the group. As the young man dies of cancer, they work together to break into George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch to find and view a print of the movie the friend will unquestionably not live long enough to see.

Hilarity ensues, their is not too much "Star Wars" bullshit for people who will not find that sort of foolishness funny, and the ending of the movie does not pussy out on its premise. A great comedy.

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