Friday, January 15, 2010

Boxboarders (2007)

Directed by Rob Hedden. I could easily see this becoming a popular cult comedy with some groups of young movie fans, although specifically fans of crappy movies, because cult appeal or none, this one sucks. It has no story, the acting stinks, much of the dialog would have been impossible to say convincingly anyway, but the biggest problem of all is that there are no good ideas here.

In what little story we have to watch in Boxboarders, a pair of thrill-seeking nerds pioneer a new extreme craze that doesn't so much sweep the nation as portions of a small faction of their high school. The craze is 'boxboarding,' really just rolling down a hill with your vision obstructed. But if that's what passes for innovation these days, sign me up. I have a new "edgy" twist on ice cream cones where you eat it out the bottom.

I'd say hijinks ensue, except they mostly don't. The mean rich kid tries to ruin everything but -- spoiler alert -- doesn't. Though with the super-deluxe ultra-slick rich-kid boxboard that he brings to the big race at the end of this he does point out that boxboarding is nothing more than soapbox derby and that these kids are hardly innovators.

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