Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Mama (2008)

Directed by Michael McCullers. I have to exercise or I will die at an early age, according to my doctors. I have to watch movies when I exercise or I won't exercise, according to me.

This is pretty unfair to the movies because it means that I have to use subtitles because I exercise using a machine that simulates cross-country skiing and it is loud. Every now and then I see a movie while exercising that I will want to watch again when I can give it my full attention, hear all of the dialog and music and see it one sitting (since I don't often exercise the full length of a movie).

"Baby Mama" was one of these. I also wanted to show it to Karen because I knew she would like it.

Good Things About "Baby Mama"
  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have enough chemistry that you can tell when they're using takes with muffed lines
  • I don't care that Dax Shepard has no range because his one on-screen persona is awesome
  • Barry has a pony tail
  • When I'm not watching a movie I don't think I like Greg Kinnear, but I guess I do
  • Chaffee Bicknell is one person
  • This movie knows: the Doorman is always wise
  • This movie knows: use Romany Malco

This movie must have been easier to direct than edit. The film feels highly improvised, in a good way. Success or failure in a comedy like this rests in the performances of the cast, and this one is fantastic. Steve Martin's moments alone make the movie worth seeing though one can only imagine how many takes were done of each of his scenes.

First-time director Michael McCullers is better known for writing the last two "Austin Powers" movies, but knows comedy as well anybody in Hollywood, similar to Judd Apatow. A weaker comedy focuses on broad situations, asking the audience to recognize the comedy. I can get away with watching it in a noisy room, reading subtitles. "Baby Mama" provides real laughs from characters, language and ideas.

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