Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to the Future (1985)

Directed by Robert Zemeckis. You know all about this movie, which I reviewed to see if it might be good for Max, who is now 8. The answer is no. I'd forgotten how much of the plot is driven by wanting to get laid.

This is significant not just because it means we won't be using this for Family Movie Night -- a big event in our household -- but the revelation put a whole new spin on the movie for me.

To review, Marty McFly goes into the past by accident, accidentally interferes with the past in ways that could have metaphysical repercussions that erase his existence from the present. He spends the rest of the flick correcting this, but in so doing, drastically improve his parents' character, thus alters his life in the present for the better.

But just below the surface of that plot, it's easy to see now that Marty's real motivation to guarantee his existence is to make sure he loses his virginity to his girlfriend in the present, Jennifer (played so forgettably by Claudia Wells she was replaced in the sequels by Elizabeth Shue). This effort is apparently hampered chiefly by Marty not owning a car. Meanwhile, Marty has to dodge a teenage version of his mother, Lorraine, who is either dying to not be a virgin or lost her amateur status long earlier. Further, class bully Biff is fully prepared to get Lorraine in the sack even if that requires rape. As you know, it all works out and the present is altered to provide Marty with the car he needs to bring his girlfriend "down to the lake" if you get their drift.

And while the moral is to live every moment knowing that your future depends upon it, the under-current is that a good portion of the confidence and clarity necessary toward this effort is bound to come from good sex. And here I blog about movies.

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