Saturday, March 21, 2009

Breach (2007)

Screened week of February 10th, 2009. Directed by Billy Ray. Normally I prefer a documentary on an amazing true story -- but something this top secret can't be documented and really has to be recreated: the tale of the most destructive US traitor and the agent who caught him.

Ryan Phillippe plays a CIA guy who works for this super-cold and creepy sex freak played by Chris Cooper. Chris Cooper is this actor you don't think you've heard of but as soon as you see him, you say, "Oh yeah, that guy." Ryan Phillippe is this actor you've totally heard of but when you see him you say, "I don't think I've seen this guy in anything." For all I know I've seen 200 Ryan Phillippe movies and I couldn't identify the guy in a police line-up, let alone recognize him on a magazine cover.

Nothing against Ryan Phillippe, the guy does a great job, though he's no Chris Cooper.

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