Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad Boys (1983)

Directed by Rick Rosenthal. I've liked this movie for such a long time that every time I see a poster or a DVD box for the 1995 Martin Lawrence buddy cop movie with the same title, it makes me stop for a moment. Not only can I not imagine sitting through a Martin Lawrence movie, I can't imagine sitting down to see a Martin Lawrence movie. The only way I'll ever see a Martin Lawrence movie is if someone hangs out of a car holding out a TV at me while I'm running down the street trying to get away. That guy sucks.

But this Sean Penn. I have to say, that was gentlemanly of him at the Oscars this year when he said that he appreciated being honored knowing that he often doesn't make it easy to like him. I respected that because I don't think I would particularly like him. He either doesn't strike me as much of a fun guy, or worse, one of those people who -- when people are around -- is serious and sullen and only thinks about very important things, but then when he's alone, becomes normal and pleasant. Maybe he watches "Survivor" or reads Archie comics or something. Just, you know, as dumb as any normal person.

But in this movie, he's a complete bad-ass. But he's not a bully, he's just looking out for himself in the Big House because he's got to. Don't mess with him or he'll buy you a soda. If you've seen this, you know what that means. If you haven't, get around to it.

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